About Us

Sunai core value is ‘services for Residents’. Short details of our service areas are as followings :

  • 1) Solution for Residents : We have developed, tested and executed Resident Sabha program. In continuity to this comprehensive mobile application for Niwasi (Niwasi App) is under development.
  • 2) CBOs support : Sunai has extended its professional experiences and expertise to CBO on the concept of TALASH [website link] statements.
  • 3) Zero waste services : One of our core service areas is zero waste services for a community which includes: training, DPR preparation, awareness generation campaign, mobile community-resident-sanitation application, field execution in sanitation areas both solid waste and waste water specially small decentralized scale.
  • SUNAI is among one of the empaneled agencies for Solid Waste Management services with Urban Development Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh for smaller cities. Sunai is also implementation partner for research project ‘Greening Urban Economy’ on Solid Waste Management implementation for the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics (LSE)
  • Sunai conducted a survey with over 1000 respondent on Sanitation practices in rural area which addresses - toilet facility, open defecation, waste water, solid waste and community initiatives on sanitation..
  • 4) Surveys and Evaluation under brand name - MAPAN (M - Measurable; A - Authentic; P - Plain; A - Appropriate; N - Neutral;).

Scale of operations

Sunai collected data of over 7,00,000 randomised samples during 15 years in over 200 projects covering varied sectors. Sunai conducted some of the large surveys across different development sectors like education, sanitation, livelihood, nutrition, etc. for clients from multilateral agencies, universities, NGOs with global, national and local presence.

At least 8 projects have state wide scale. And there were 20 projects that involved 2 or more states. In 5 projects, scale of survey were over 25,000 surveys. With sample size over 5000, we did over 60 surveys.

Sunai Consultancy is registered as a private limited company in 2005 in Patna.

Reports and Process Manuals written : Following reports are written by Sunai team

  • Status of Street Children in four cities of Jharkhand for Chetna Vikas implementation partner of Plan International.
  • SC-ST Schools in Bihar for UNICEF Bihar
  • ‘Status Report on Eye Care’ for Akhand Jyoti.
  • Standard Process Survey Manual internal to Sunai
  • Analysis Tabulation ASER Reports
  • Process documentation on Mgnregs in Bihar for the World Bank.
  • Niwasi Sabha processes internal
  • Awareness on Sanitation in the villages of Bihar internal

Contributions and Credentials : some of the key reports published where Sunai is proud contributor

  • Report on the RECOUP ‘Political Economy of Education in India’ project by Geeta Kingdon and Mohd. Muzmmil January 2008
  • The Crisis and Job Guarantees in Urban India, Swati Dhingra* and Stephen Machin*, September 2020
  • The Crisis and Job Guarantees in Urban India, Swati Dhingra* and Stephen Machin*, September 2020
  • In mid 2000's MIT JPAL launched its survey operation in Bihar. Sunai did data collections and piloting for its research study on Pratham's learning to read intervention.
  • HUNGaMA : Naandi conducted survey to fight Hunger and Malnutrition survey all over India. Sunai contributed in tools development and conducted surveys in Bihar, Uttar Prades and Bihar with over 60,000 samples covering.
  • Teenage Girls Report (TAG) : Sunai again is partner of Naandi in preparing TAG report where Sunai not only contributed in tools development, designing india wide survey but also collected data from 8 states of India.
  • Annual Assessment Education Report (ASER, Pratham). Sunai is proud partner of all versions of ASER in data crunching and data management. Sunai team

Distinguished Clients : Sunai has worked for some of the distinguished organisations

NCAER, IDinsight, Mart Rural, Human Development Foundation (HDF), PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited, Nevaeh Technology Pvt. Ltd, Clinton Foundation, JPAL South Asia (MIT, US), World Bank, UNICEF, ASER Center & Pratham, London School of Education, Oxford University, Naandi Foundation, Center for Micro Finance, Education Resource Unit, University of Pennsylvania and more.


Pranav Kr. Chaudhary : Pranav worked with Pratham for 6 years before founding Sunai. Now it is about 20 years of experience in development sector. He head Sunai Consultancy. He did his B. Tech. from IIT Mumbai.

Sudhakar Sinha : Sudhakar was a member in national operations team of Pratham for over 2 years before founding Sunai. He is master in computer application. He is director at Sunai Consultancy.

Vikas Kr. Chaudhary : Vikas core responsibility is developing IT solution for Sunai service. He own and heads technology company Triline Infotech. He is B. Tech. in communication Technology.

Satyendra Kumar : Satyendra Kumar is with Sunai for about 12 years and he is lead person to implement data collection exercise. He has graduation in psychology from Magadh University.

Sunai has strong team of trained and experienced field supervisors backed by empanelled personenl of free lancing field investigators across states of India.