Community Census

Census is meant for preparing list of the persons or all the entity in a given geography. Apart from quality, the key goal of the community census is no part of the community is left in census.

One typical example of census is preparing list of all possible respondent households in the selected sampling unit. This list is used to randomly pick designed sample respondents – idea is probability of being picked up for the survey has to be equal. Thus listing is a very serious and critical exercise and one goal is that no section of the sampling unit left untouched while preparing the list. What approach Sunai follows ?

- A Community census begins with mapping of the community.

- On the map, all the streets including branched street are marked.

- After that all the structure and important land marks are shown on the map.

- After mapping surveyors are assigned area to complete the census exercise.

- Surveyors visit one by one targeted elements to be listed and leaving a standard mark so that they or their supervisors can track visited area. - Through check is done to ensure that none of the portion of a locality is untouched.

Sunai has done following census equivalent exercises and listing for about over 50 projects. Important to mention is Teenage Girl survey, Gram Panchayat profiling for Development Management Institute (DMI), survey on mothers and new born child, urban employability survey and others.