Survey tools design and Pilot Testing

There are two scenario

- Client provides framework of questionnaire to meet the research questions

- Or Client provide developed questionnaire in English or Hindi

In pilot, following things are addressed and finalized

- Questions and response option finalisation

- Response options for different questions

- Ways to find respondents in case respondent is not available what needs to be done

- Methodology of questionnaire administering specially how to interact with different categories of respondents and to what extent need to provoke or assist respondents in recall - Checklist and methodology for profile of sampling units.

Scope of tools design and pilot testing also includes

- Questionnaire finalisation

- Questionnaire manuals

- Training design and manuals

- Survey field implementation manual

A team of experienced team members at Sunai complete the task of tool piloting.

Tools piloting and questionnaire development begins with conducting a two-to-three-day workshop in which research team and pilot team discuss the questionnaires, pilot methodology, and framework of data collection and training manual. During pilot phase apart from questionnaire piloting process of data collection and different scenario will be documented and finalised. We recommend extensive engagement of research team with pilot team during questionnaire piloting phase. It may be needed to have 2 small intermediate discussion workshops during pilot phase. During pilot all categories of respondents are interviewed in two sampling units. Resources of about 1 month during which 15-20 days in field to test questionnaire are deployed. Tools piloting and finalisation is an iterative process, this is presented below. After we survey respondents with a designed questionnaire, there may be required further curtain changes in the questionnaire that we do re-testing. Standard framework process we follow is presented below.