Technical support team to Reform Support Unit, Rural Development Department, Government of Bihar (RSU). Between 2009-2012 (about 3.5 years).

A World Bank project.

Under the Technical Assistance program, the World Bank established a reform support unit (RSU) within the Rural Development Department (RDD), Government of Bihar. This was to provide technical assistance in pursuing wide ranging economic and administrative reforms to strengthen service delivery, specifically to the poorest across the state, strengthen its performance monitoring capacity to attack poverty and deprivation in a sustainable manner.

Sunai Consultancy provided a team of consultants that was place at the RSU in the department. Key task performed was

  • Designing M&E processes
  • Preparation of standard report forms using administrative data for it uses in decision making.
  • Capacity building and change management of officials and staff of RDD, DRDA, Block and PRIs on how to use and implement M&E decisions, and analyse administrative data effectively.
  • Drafting and giving inputs on TOR and RFPs for hiring consultants.
  • Coordination with department officials on behalf of RSU team.
  • Handholding, support and orienting consultant and experts of RSU as well as department.

The impact was huge. Sunai Consultancy support benefited 2 crore rural BPL families as Sunai participation was for the world largest employment guarantee scheme Mgnregs, administration setup BDO office in 534 blocks and rural development functionaries in all the 8400 Gram Panchayats of Bihar.