Sunai believes : Core of any development is resident's own drive and initiatives.

Over the period, Sunai has come up with service products and solutions that is directly for the uses of residents and its community, and that empowers residents towards such uses. With these understanding and background, Sunai provides services to community, development consultants and organisations, academicians, researchers and residents.

In this series, Sunai has developed a Mobile Application (NIWASI app) for residents.

Niwasi App Introduction

Resident driven Application for Residents.

niwasi mobile app mb-4

The Niwasi App is a unique solution for residents living in a society. It makes things easy for niwasi to act collectively, it empowers them to prioritize collective challenges, take collective initiatives and assess the changes.

At the same time Niwasi App helps community management in performing its key task as a caretaker of resident’ shared space & common services.

Users of the application

Niwasi : All groups of residents who live in a community - Members of the society (who own a flat or shop), family head, family member, business owner and staff, family staff, service provider staff.

Community : Categories of community could be - Gram Panchayatand wards, Cities and city wards, Apartments / Gated society – RWAs and Open communities

Community management : Elected representatives, Gram Panchayat or Urban Local Bodies or Resident’s Welfare Association executive body, Community Committees/Office bearers.

Stakeholders : Service provider, government services, Civil Society

Modulesin the Niwasi App

Currently some of the core modules are developed andlaunched for their uses. Those are -

  • Niwasi Sabha
  • Society fee management
  • Announcements
  • Database of residents

Comprehensive envisaged list of modules to be developed in coming days

Database for community : Streets, building, common space, land plots; Residents list including families and businesses;Stakeholder, asset, facilities, utilities

Service level tracking modules : Sanitation, waste disposal, drinking water etc; Human development goal & Human rights; Identify beneficiary and benefits tracking

Democratic tools for Niwasi : Niwasi Sabha, Ideas on new initiatives and collective decision; Election; Common interest group; Grievances related to services, complaint against resident’s undesired action

Needy : Child in need of care and protection; whole community is needy; old age, suffering from disease, no family or no relation-friends, met accident, financial challenges, gender issue, migration, social backwardness, handicap, pandemic

Citizen rights : Budget analysis, right to information, raise demand to local bodies or govt., social audit, moderation of open discussions, complaint cell, citizen charter of community

Interaction : Celebration, Blood Donation Camp; Morning walkers Yoga etc club; Charity together,

Mutual support : Support residents in need (car problem, gas cylinder, minor accident, med. support etc.); Available skills, resale etc.

Access of popular feature app : Newspaper, Govt. advisory, expert inputs, payment gateway for utilities like water, electricity...

Social amenities : Children’s park, Club house, Gym, library, open space, common parking, play zone, cricket ground…

Visitor modules : Guest, home deliver security, household help visits

Security modules : Gate security, epidemic (like covid) safety, Ids issuing, visitor security, vehicle security.

Administration modules : Fee collection, asset, scheduling, announcements, penalties, annual event calendar, management.

Vendor or house help management modules : Vendor or service person empanelment, electrician, plumber, maid, service grading, APNE – helping good vendors.

Dash board and website for community

Information base : government schemes, service providers, citizen rights and duties, development goals.

Thus, the Niwasi app is a unique solution to a society and its residents as core of the application is collectiveness thus making it easy for residents to contribute, track and demand, and thus to improve public or common services and facilities.