Gram Panchayat mapping 2019 – services, facilities and scio-economy status of population

Development Management Insititute (DMI), a premier management institution established by Government of Bihar, initiated a development intervention in the Gram Panchayat Amarakh in Kurhani block of Muzaffarpur, in line with the provisions of the Panchayati Raj Act of Bihar.

For the purpose, a baseline survey was required before intervention. DMI allotted the task of data collection of all the households in the Gram Panchayat and preparation of analysis reports to Sunai Consultancy.

One of the goal was not to miss any family unsurveyed.Every household of the gram panchayat was visited, thus 2270 families and 10973 people were mapped and surveyed with 30 minute long questionnaire.

The task was completed in following phases

  • Questionnaire piloting development.
  • Microplanning and stakeholder consultation
  • Data collection by trained surveyors
  • Data analysis and report writing
  • Report dissemination and sharing with the villagers

The dissemination reflected the accuracy of the survey report. The feedback from the people and the findings of the survey coincided with each other. Feedbacks received from villagers were included in the report.

The questionnaire has following sections

List of all the members of households. Information collected for all the individuals are educational, membership of self help groups, migration, employment, bank account, aadhaar, health, insurance, handicap, marital status, immunisation and children education.

Facilities available with families – drinking water, fuel, road connectivity, ration card, types of house building material, toilet.

Government scheme benefits and social security

Livelihood of family – agriculture activity and input, irrigation facility, membership of production groups, livestock, MNREGS benefits, laborers, different occupation, remittance from migrant family members.

Quality of services availed in the village – schools, Anganwadi services, skill training, and health care.

Basic infrastructure in village – roads, water drainage, drinking water, public toilets, cleanliness, Panchayat Bhawan, public distribution system, banking services, street light, waste disposal.

Self governance – Gram Sabha and Ward Sabha functioning, awareness and information availability regarding development work in Gram Panchayat, action on Gram Sabha/Ward Sabha decisions, monitoring and vigilance committee and others.