Zero Waste Magadh Mahila College Campus - 2019

Magadh Mahila college is one of the pioneer colleges for women in Bihar. The college currently imparts quality education to more than 4000 students and its hostel caters to over 400 students. Food is cooked for hostel students in the hostel mess generates food waste (wet waste) every day in a quite large quantity. Dr. Shashi je, the principal of the college, was aware of the situation of mixing of dry waste and wet waste and was also aware of the mandate of disposing wet waste within campus itself and so she was looking for a solution. That's how the college appreciated Sunai's proposal to intervene within college campus so that government rule of waste management within campus is followed and a step could be taken towards a zero waste campus.

Sunai’s team interacted with the college staff and student and observed their practices related to waste disposal. Sunai advised the size of composting points and processes it would like to adapt to assist college in collecting and managing waste on zero waste principles within the college itself.

sunai team

Sunai team conducted a series of orientation program all different groups of students and staff at college to make them aware about different categories of waste ie dry waste, wet waste and hazardous waste, why it is important to collect these waste separately and how useful they could be in a segregated form.

Training session for sanitation workers to manage and collecting dry and wet waste separately, and method of composting.

sunai team
sunai team

Sunai advised the design of compost pit, which college built on its own right at the entrance of the college campus.

During initial days of intervention, the compost pit received wet waste mixed with dry waste like milk plastic packet, wrappers, papers etc. But gradually with regular follow up and consistent reminders, mixing of dry waste into kitchen wet waste reduced completely. With a systematic approach and participation from all the stakeholders it was able to consume all the generated wet waste within campus itself.

Today the college pride itself on zero waste and contributing to Swachh Bharat mission to fight the challenges on waste management

Compost produced at college
from wet waste