Zero Waste Community

Resident collectiveness is one key tool in sanitation management – solid waste, waste water and fecal sludge management.

With above at core, Solid Waste Management services of Sunai run on the principles of Zero-Waste and Waste to Resources. We work a set of solutions for success of a solid waste management intervention. These include a) running informational and educational campaigns - keeping dry waste and wet waste in separate bin is easy (waste segregation at source), home composting is an easier option than handing it over to waste collectors… b) services in decentralized composting and c) facilitation of community meeting (resident sabha) with written agenda.

Sunai is working on a website for residents as an information source for them on zero waste.

Sunai credentials and intervention in the sector

SUNAI is one of the empanelled agencies for Solid Waste Management services with Urban Development Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh for smaller cities (empaneled in 2018).

Sunai is also an implementation partner of research team at London School of Economics on the project titled – ‘Solid Waste Management Provision in India for Community Service and Research Purposes’.

Sunai conducted inhouse study on Basic Understanding regarding Sanitation Practices among Village residents in Bihar – toilets, waste water, fecal sludge and solid waste in 2020.

Sunai provided Solid Waste Management services to their campus in 2019 for 1 year – services includes : running compost unit in compost for garden waste and kitchen waste, IEC campaign among students and staff, training orientation to cleaning and mess staff.

Sunai provided Solid Waste Management services to Rajkiye Mahila Polytechnic, Patna from February 2018 for about 2 years.

Sunai ran a windrow compost making cum material recovery facility near Danapur, Patna on 12,000 sqft area and provided door to door waste collection services 1000 families during 2017-2018 period for about 2 years.

Sunai provided consultancy services to Development Management Institute (DMI), Udyog Bhawan, Patna, in action research development project towards Clean and Green Amrakh Panchayat, Muzaffarpur district in 2019.

Sunai promotes Home Composting (kitchen waste as well garden clipping / leaf).