Support For Ethical Foundation

Ethical Foundation Trust is non-profit organization based out of Patna and established in 2019. Mission of Ethical Foundation is –to promote Resident’s meeting in villages as well as cities, and to spread the message milen to sahiand the core values of Talash.

  1. गलत को गलत कहें
  2. अच्छा को अच्छा कहें
  3. अपनी आमदनी वाजिब तरीके से प्रतिदिन बढाएं
  4. रचनात्मक सामूहिक सोच का निर्माण करें
  5. सभी कार्य अराजनैतिक एवं अहिंसात्मक हों

Activities of Ethical Foundation

Facilitation of Resident Sabha

Training program on Niwasi Sabha

Assisting government and elected personal

Educational program for children, adolescents and youths. (Library Activities, Sulekh and Debate)

Gate placard and other awareness program

Conduct research and studies, publish reports

Sunai extends moral support voluntarily to Ethical Foundation as part of its resident focused community services. One of the directors of Sunai is trustee member of Ethical Foundation.